Passion for Diversity

No matter where, going abroad is an exciting opportunity. We get to have fun while learning in a new world.

Being open to and actively embracing the host culture is an easy way to have a fulfilling experience. So much can be learned from every element of life abroad. For example, whether you’re in the workplace or the classroom, there’s something to be learned from everyone. My coworkers were very open to my questions, and I learned a lot! And if there’s ever the urge to go beyond your destination, consider the countries nearby.

During my stay in Singapore, I visited Thailand and Indonesia, and I’ve met others who went to Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Where ever you choose to go abroad, if you have the time and budget, other countries can offer plenty of new experiences.

Rajadamnern Stadium – Bangkok, Thailand

Sometimes it is easy to settle into daily routine, so continue to explore and look around – it’ll keep things fresh!

I always thought one of the greatest feelings is finding something meaningful to you. It brings happiness and those memories last a long time. I don’t know what it’ll be for you, but you’ll know when you see it.


Hey! I'm Adam, a Supply Chain Management student graduating in 2019. For 2 months, I worked for Caterpillar Inc.'s Industry Solutions, Components & Distribution Division (ISCD) at their Singapore location via the Global Summer Internship Program. Studying abroad is fun and provides the skills necessary to master my craft. I'll try my best to give insight into Singapore!

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