Small City? No Problem.

Although Singapore is pretty small, there are so many places to explore. The following places have shaped my experience here, and has made me realize that Singapore has everything I would need in order to be happy.

Cafe in Haji Lane

First stop is Haji Lane which is a street filled with endless life. It is in the Muslim district and is home to some amazing stores with creative names, fantastic restaurants, and cool wall art. During the day, you are able to see a wide array of colors pop from each shop or cafe on the street. At night, the street is lit up and is a popular social gathering with live music and food from many countries worldwide. I love this place because of the vibrant culture it showcases and the shops along the street.

Another favorite place of mine is Marina Bay which is where the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the Merlion statue, and the most modern architecture I have ever seen are located. Some of my roommates work in this area which makes me really jealous since they can just casually come out of their office and be in the heart of downtown Singapore. Marina Bay also hosts a water light show which is held every night, and it’s the best place to see the Singapore army fly fighter jets as they rehearse for Singapore Day (August 9th). This location truly shows how modern Singapore actually is, and is also where several scenes of Crazy Rich Asians were filmed.

Marina Bay

Botanical Gardens

The last place is the Botanical Gardens. I love this place because it allows you to escape the liveliness of Singapore, which can be hard to do sometimes. The gardens are very peaceful and filled with some of the most beautiful plants and flowers that I’ve ever seen. It also has a lot of open grass areas, allowing for families and friends to get together for activities like picnics.

Outside of Singapore, my favorite place that I’ve been to is the Philippines. From the caring people, to the adventurous activities that are offered, I would highly recommend this place to anyone. My friends and I went canyoneering which is basically a hike in water containing numerous cliff jumps. I also befriended a tour guide who made me realize that a simple lifestyle can be a happy one for many.


Canyoneering in the Philippines

Sanjeev Jariwala

Hello! My name is Sanjeev and I am a rising senior majoring in Information Science and minoring in General Business. For the summer of 2019, I decided to intern abroad for two months in Singapore. I am interning at FedEx and am having a great time exploring the city-state.

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5 Responses

  1. jtelesma says:

    Wow I never knew Singapore is such a diverse city. Much like Singapore, Sydney has multiple districts that are dominated by different ethnic groups. Sydney has a district for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian , and many more cultures! The presence of multiple cultures in one area really makes for a varied and fun experience.

    Also, I would love to do the canyon hike in Philippines. While on my trip, I have built an appreciation for adrenaline building activities, and I think cliff jumping would be right up my alley. Did you jump off the cliffs? Lastly, I also found that some of the simplest lifestyles could be the happiest. Every worker in the tourism industry I met in the Australia/New Zealand area seems really happy.

  2. Shuhan says:

    Marina Bay is so similar to Victoria Bay in Hong Kong, which is a good place to enjoy the night view. There is also light show but my work place is so far from the area so I can only make it during weekends. Really like the picture of Philippines and glad to hear you met nice people and had exciting adventure there!

  3. clove1 says:

    Its cool that even though the city is small and condensed, it is not completely an urban landscape. The botanical gardens look amazing, and it seems like a good place to get away from the hectic parts of the city. The spot that you visited in the Philippines looks really cool too, a hike in the water seems like a really interesting idea.

  4. sangyu07 says:

    All of the pictures you posted look so amazing! My hotel is actually located right next to Zoological and Botanical Garden where I get to walk through trees and plants making me feel peaceful in the middle of city-life in Hong Kong. Many people here also visited Philippines and they so much fun as well!

  5. Jeff Wexler says:

    Hello Sanjeev,

    I am glad to hear that Singapore has everything you need to be happy, because I love myself a happy Sanjeev. I also did not know you were into modern architecture. I guess Singapore has given you a taste for the finer things. Also, did you go into that beautiful pool in the Philippines? It looks like almost everyone is treading water so I am proud of you for being able to take your skills from the Eppley pool and translate them into a real world water source. Don’t have too much fun out there without me.