10 Days & 3 Countries!

The past ten days have been quite a whirlwind for me. At the University of Manchester and many other universities in the United Kingdom, students have a reading week halfway through the term. Theoretically, this is time for students to catch up on their work, but my friend and I used the time off to visit four different cities and three different countries!

Our journey began last Wednesday when we made our way to Santorini, Greece. This was an absolute DREAM vacation and it was definitely one of my most memorable travels thus far. We then went to Athens where we spent about five days and this was also an amazing experience. I absolutely fell in love with the Athenian culture and way of life, and it made me so happy when many of the people I met initially thought I was Greek! Everyone I encountered all throughout Greece were very kind and caring, and it makes me want to go back as soon as possible! I also ended up running into my cousin from AMERICA in Athens too. Talk about a small world!

After Athens, we made our way to London to meet my mom and sister! I obviously haven’t seen them for a month and a half now–the longest I have ever been away from them–and it was absolutely amazing to get to spend time with them. We took a train from London to Paris the day after and spent one night there. Paris has been my dream travel destination ever since I was very young, and getting to go there with the people I love most was absolutely surreal. Words can’t even describe how magical Paris is!

After Paris, we made our way back to London, explored a bit with some of my British family whom I never met before, and then made our way back to Manchester. It was honestly the craziest ten days but I also know it was ten days of my life that I will never ever forget.

Some polaroids we took when we visited the town of Oia in Santorini, Greece.





Hi guys! I am a junior operations management and business analytics major who will be spending the fall 2017 semester exploring Manchester, England. I am so excited to bring you on my journey!

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