A New Beginning

Before beginning my program I had the oportunity to travel across Europe. I left august 9th for Europe beginning in Iceland and continued my journey first with my family, and then with my friends. It was extremely difficult when my parents left me at first. Being by yourself in a different country is stressful, especially when you are traveling. But thanks to the months of preparation before hand it was not as overwhelming as it could have been.

Fitting your life into a suitcase is difficult. I packed a suitcase and a duffle for my time abroad and it still does not seem like enough. Although I’m sure it will suffice that was one of my biggest worries coming abroad.

I cannot wait to be experience a new culture in a place as wonderful as London. I am from D.C. And have lived in the city my whole life, but the city has a completely different feel to it. Move in is tomorrow and the excitement and the nerves are definitely building. Hoping all goes well. That’s all for now though.


My name is Cecilia and I will be studying abroad in London for the semester. I am studying Business Marketing at City University.

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