A New Semester: Studying in Amsterdam

Here’s to a semester of new and firsts: my first time writing a blog, my first time studying in another country, and my first time leaving the United States. My name is Madison and I will be writing throughout my semester in Amsterdam, the Netherlands about my experiences.

I am a senior at Maryland studying International Business and Ops Management. In other words…my essays all highlighted how I’ve never left the country and how that makes no sense with my degree. On a broader note though, studying abroad will provide me with opportunities I have never had before. I want to be able to travel and see new places, meet new people, and experience new things. I’m intrigued to see what other people think and how they view the world. I am a self-proclaimed adventurer.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not scared out of my mind. I will be travelling 3,843 miles by myself to somewhere I’ve never been. I have no idea what to expect. But hey-I get my first stamp in my passport.

So, I’ve packed up everything I think I could need in Europe in two bags and a backpack. I’ll be stopping in Iceland for two days first (because “why not”) and staying in a hostel for my first time. I am beyond excited to see what these next five months have in store for me and all the firsts I will have.


I am a senior at UMD study abroad at the University of Amsterdam in Amsterdam, the Netherlands for the fall semester. I am originally from southern California but have been living on the east coast for the past seven years. I double major in International Business and Ops Management and Business Analytics.

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3 Responses

  1. Katie Alcala says:

    This is awesome! So excited to hear about all the amazing thing you are doing. Already looks like I need to add some more places to my bucket list!!

  2. Jan Garbosky says:

    It’s so great you’ll be blogging! Another way to travel with you!! My first trip to Europe, I also flew alone (to Madrid) & then a bus to Valencia to go to school for 6 weeks. No blogging back in 1974. But I’m sure glad I journaled almost every day. I love rereading about that experience as you will about yours years from now.

  3. Shelly Stinchcomb says:

    So excited to hear all about your adventures!!