An Afternoon in Copenhagen

Less than an hour’s train ride from Lund, Copenhagen is a prime destination for international visitors and Swedish natives alike. I opted to take the famous Øresund Bridge (the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe). Not only is it the closest, cheapest route, but it also offers some beautiful scenery.

IMG_6373 (1)

Pictured above: a view that almost made up for the freezing cold temperatures and strong winds.

Pro Tip #1: Always use a JoJo card for regional travel. It’s simple, cheap, and easy to use.

Pro Tip #2: Always plan at least one indoor activity, in case the weather betrays you.

This is…. different,” I thought to myself as I stepped out of the Christianshavn metro stop and into the Danish streets. It’s amazing how quickly you pick up on the subtler differences of language and culture after only one month abroad. I was tempted to stop and take pictures along the main canal, but I soon took refuge in a local café called Baresso Coffee. Inside, I enjoyed a delicious tiramisu latte (I have a feeling I’ll be back soon for the triple hot chocolate) and took advantage of the free internet. At the same time, I surreptitiously devoured some local pastries from the store across the way. These two treats are officially known as “Hindbærsnitter” and “Napoleonshatte,” but I think they are more accurately described below.


If, like me, you don’t want to pay for an international data plan or buy multiple sim cards…

Pro Tip #3: Save yourself some frustration by denoting a free-wifi spot at each destination before heading out. Bonus points for screen-shotting Google directions to your top three sites.

Next stop was the Copenhagen Contemporary, a modern art museum right on the water. I saw some very cool installations, one of which included 42 live birds!

The night ended, quite by accident, on the most famous and beautiful street in Copenhagen: Nyhavn.


Do take the time to explore this local jewel and follow my pro tips for a carefree visit.

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