Kangaroo, Emu, or Crocodile…Name it, they have it…

Among the most exquisite flavors of Australia, burgers, kangaroo meat, emu meat, crocodile meat, and meat pies are the most famous. These are only some of the broad categories of food in Australia. What make them more interesting are the numerous types of burgers and how Australians make the best use of Kangaroo and Emu meat. The Southern Burger stuffed with battered onion and juicy chicken has an authentic flavor to it. The Aussie burger stuffed with beetroots and salads is a healthier yet delicious choice. The most unique food we ate was the kangaroo meat cooked rare with mashed potatoes and jack Daniel sauce. Aussies also do not forget to include these traditional meats in their pizzas as well. If you want to try different tastes of pizzas, kangaroo and emu pizzas are a good choice. Don’t forget that they got crocodile pizza too.

Australians normally use cutlery to eat their food, but of course, they prefer to taste Aussie burgers with their hands. Most of the Australians I met mentioned eating at home by cooking their own meals since it is a cheaper and a healthier choice. But in Sydney, it is absolutely tempting to get out and enjoy some delicious plates since Sydney has got hundreds of restaurants just in its heart. Considering that, most Australians do go out occasionally to try a different restaurant every week.

Australians usually eat their breakfast light or cold with meals such as cereal, bacon, coffee, or eggs. Their lunch is typically around noon and eat meals like schnitzels, salads or sandwiches. Dinner is usually eaten in the evening around 6pm to 9pm and it is considered their main meal. Australians usually have food festivals around the town almost every day due to their vast diversity. My favorite meal so far has been the Aussie burger which includes beetroots and salads in between the buns.


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6 Responses

  1. tdoddapa says:

    That’s very interesting that they eat all those kinds of meat in Australia, I wasn’t aware of that! It’s cool that you were able to experience a lot of the local food already. Have you gotten to try Vegemite yet?

  2. syang120 says:

    I thought you were writing about a trip to the zoo when I saw the title. Can’t believe that these animals can be made as food! Even though it’s scaring to have crocodile as a dish, I really want to try after reading your blog. Also, I miss the seafood in Australia. They were also good.

  3. sjariwal says:

    I can’t believe the wide variety of burgers that can come from Kangaroo and Emu meat! It’s cool to see how popular foods in the United States are recreated in a different country to bring out the best resources that they have available. Do you find the burgers and pizzas to be better in Australia compared to the United States?

  4. Jeff Wexler says:

    Wow those are some exotic meats you have tried! They also look quite delicious from your pictures, you must be a photographer. I heard kangaroo burgers go quite well with this Raspberry flavoured sparkling water. They only have it at select grocery stores though, so happy hunting!

  5. jtelesma says:

    I also can not believe all the different types of meat Australians eat! What is was your favorite type of new meat that you have tried so far? I personally like emu the most. If you want to try more new types of food, I would recommend going to the Sydney fish market. It is the most diverse fish market in the world in terms of selection. You can try all kinds of obscure fish like swordfish!

  6. sangyu07 says:

    I really did not expect that your title actually meant the types of meat. It is very interesting to get to know about the new types of food that I never knew before. All the pictures that are posted look so good! It will be so much fun to go out to those festivals and try a variety of foods!