And Tonight We Eat Like Royalty

Kangaroo Steak

The food scene in Australia has been quite the adventure so far in our journey. We have been able to try exotic meats such as kangaroo and emu. However, some of Australia’s staple foods include meat (chicken, beef, or pork) pies and vegemite on toast (don’t you dare even think of trying this) which is pretty much an extremely salty jam. Breakfast, or breakie, is often eaten in a cafe because Aussies love a good cup of coffee and a biscuit in the morning. Lunch is typically brought to work, but it is not uncommon to go out with your coworkers. Dinner is typically eaten at home with your family unless it is a weekend which is when Aussies go out to eat before the club. All meals are eaten around the same time as meals in the United States, but what I have learned is that Aussies will never pass up another cup of coffee or tea. There are a few food festivals throughout the year in which chefs throughout Australia will come to one city to compete and show off their new recipes. Aussies typically go to a local supermarket or flea market to get fruits and vegetables at a reduced price. My favorite foods so far have been emu and meat pies. I have also experimented with a few new fruits and I have found custard apples to be extremely delicious.

Jeff Wexler

Hello there! My name is Jeff and I am a rising senior majoring in Communications and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. The summer (summer of 2019) I decided to intern in Australia to gain some worldly work experience. I am working at a creative agency called 72 and Sunny.

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4 Responses

  1. syang120 says:

    Hi Jeff! Thanks for your sharing! It’s uncommon in Hong Kong that people will go to a cafe for breakfast, but it’s similar that most of people in our company bring their lunch. I just read another post, which also mentioned the kangaroo and emu meat. I used to think that kangaroo was well protected by the government because it’s the recognisable symbol of Australia, but I was wrong. Anyway, really want to try all the food you mentioned above.

  2. sjariwal says:

    Hello Jeffrey,

    I can’t believe you have eaten a kangaroo and emu! You must be gaining a lot of weight so I hope you are still hitting the gym because you know it’s all about the gains. It is nice to see that Australians like to have a filling dinner on the weekends before they go off on the dance floor. Can’t wait to hear about the food you eat in the future!

  3. Jeff Wexler says:

    Hello James,

    Thank you for your insightful thoughts. I would agree on the yumminess level of the barramundi fish, but most of all, I would rank caramel Tim Tams above all food in Australia.

  4. jtelesma says:

    Hello Jeff! I also agree that emu is the best exotic meat in Australia. I saw that you tagged paddy’s food market in your blog. What exotic fruits have you tried at paddy’s? I have tried dragon-fruit, passion-fruit, and custard apples. However, I do not find custard apples tasty. It has too much sugar for me.

    If you plan to go back to paddy’s market, I would also look at their butcher section. They have really exotic cuts of meat such as chicken hearts, cow brain, and chicken feet. Also, if you want to try more exotic meats I would go to the Sydney fish market. Australia has some of the most diverse aquatic life in the world, and the fish market provides you an opportunity to try all these unique sea creatures. Personally, I find the barramundi fish really yummy.