Melbourne’s Public Transportation

During my time in Melbourne I have been exposed to the many forms of public transportation the city has to offer. There is the vast tram network, the largest in the world, the railway network, second largest in Australia, and the bus services, which incorporates over 300 routes, to name a few. These transportation networks have made getting around the city effortless for internationals such as myself. The most impressive of the networks by far is the tram. Melburnians access it with the scan of a ‘myki’ card, which can be purchased and loaded throughout the city at various convenience stores. This card is also used for the railway network, which makes transport payment quick and simple. Throughout the city there is a region where folk are not required to ‘tap on’, which is known as ‘the free tram zone’. Luckily, I live in the free tram zone, meaning I don’t normally have to pay to get places. This ‘zone’ is centered about the Central Business District and many of the city’s popular attractions are situated here. Although riders are supposed to tap on for each ride many often avoid this in attempt to secure a free ride. This has worked for several people I know but there have been instances of people getting caught. The tram workers may occasionally be out of uniform and will spontaneously ask you to scan your card on their reader. This happened to my friends and I once after a day at the beach. Luckily all of us had tapped on but the consequences can be expensive with fines amounting to $238 for failure to produce a valid ticket. Internationals cannot act unaware of this fact as I found out during my first day of orientation. Transportation services simply do not care if you understand the rules or not they will fine you.

My mate riding the tram in Melbourne.


I am currently a Sophomore in the business school majoring in accounting. I will be studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia this upcoming Spring, something I have dreamed of since I was very young. I hope you all tune in and enjoy the ride.

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