Snacking in Sydney

Photo of a Meat pie

Between the United States and Australia, food has a lot of similarities. There is a lot of variety available, but there are definitely some things that are traditionally Australian dishes. One main example is the meat pie. Meat pies are essentially what they sound like, a bit of meat, whether chicken, beef, or something else, mixed with a bit of other fill ins and cooked in a small, hand sized pie. In Australia, these small pies are a staple for sports games and quick eats alike, since their size makes them easy to eat on the go. Meat pies are similar in popularity to a Hot dog in the United States, as they are available in a variety of places for a quick, cheap meal. There are additionally some traditional exotic Australian meats available to purchase here, such as Kangaroo and Emu. In the workplace, many Australian locals tend to bring their own lunches, since it is an easier and cheaper alternative to dining out. Typical meals usually include the basic breakfast lunch and dinner schedule, similar to that of the United States. However, dinner seems to usually be a bit earlier than in the United States, since I have noticed that many restaurants close earlier in the night. From the local culture, my favorite foods that I have tried has definitely been Tim tams and Meat Pies. Tim tams are similar to twix bars, but are a bit smaller and come in large packs. They are a snack that is extremely popular in Australia, and as a result you can find them almost anywhere you go. While Kangaroo and Emu are certainly not bad, they aren’t something I will usually go out of my way to get a hold of. Overall, Australian food has been amazing, and it has been a great experience trying out different traditional meals of another culture. I hope to find and try more traditional dishes as I get the opportunity!

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