The 72andSunny Family

The opportunities that I have been exposed to and the people I have met along the journey of my internship has been one of the most valuable experiences in my life. My co-workers are some of the most outgoing and helpful people I have ever met. Since my first day here, they have respected my input and have welcomed me with open arms. Many of the media creation aspects of the job I did not know how to do before I arrived, but the design artists were patient with me as they walked me through the basics of each application in the Adobe Suite that they use.

I have been fortunate enough to develop relationships with my co-workers outside of the work environment. Every week, I get beers with two of the designers here and talk about conspiracy theories. I play basketball three times a week with the senior creative and have even gone to my boss’s house for dinner with her partner. The people in my internship culture want to learn more about me and my personal life which I love because, at the end of the day, the 72andSunny family extends outside of the office.

Overall, my internship at 72andSunny has opened my mind up to a whole new world of the creative industry. I have gained an enormous amount of respect for the work that goes into a standard commercial or advertisement because I see it being made from the ground up in our media lab. The most valuable experiences I have been able to be apart of here is contributing to any campaign by doing anything from the background research to creating the campaign slogan. However, the most enriching part of this whole experience was getting to develop personal relationships with every single person in our office because it showed me how a person from any background can be creative.

The pictures featured below are the basketball court near our office that our co-workers and I play at in our free time and the 72andSunny Syndey team.

Jeff Wexler

Hello there! My name is Jeff and I am a rising senior majoring in Communications and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. The summer (summer of 2019) I decided to intern in Australia to gain some worldly work experience. I am working at a creative agency called 72 and Sunny.

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7 Responses

  1. Shuhan says:

    Hi Jeff! I also made some friends in the company. The time we spent together after work became one of the most unforgettable things during this intern. I really hope I can go back to visit them again. Glad to hear that your coworkers were patient to help you with those professional software. It would be really useful for us to get familiar and engage to their daily work. Don’t forget to keep in touch with those friends you made in intern. Hope you enjoy the rest of the break!

  2. tdoddapa says:

    Hey Jeff! It sounds like you’re having a great time in Australia! It’s great that you were able to become such good friends with the people at your work and that you guys hang out outside of work as well. It’s also cool that you like what you’re doing at you’re internship and were able to find something you were interested in.

  3. ewinik says:

    Hi Jeff,

    TBH I don’t really know you that well but I’ve seen you around school and we should definitely talk more! Pretty sure you photoshopped yourself into that bungee jump insta pic but it’s still a banger so props to you…rate: 8.5

  4. Sanjeev Jariwala says:


    Wow, the people you work with seem to really match your personality! I hope the senior creative isn’t breaking your ankles all the time on the court. Regardless, we will have to see how good you are once we are back on campus. I am glad that your creative ideas are being applied to real world scenarios. Keep killing the game!

  5. jtelesma says:


    I’m am incredibly glad you enjoyed your internship. I did not know so much goes into making advertisements. I would love to learn more. Maybe we can discuss the advertisement creation process over an healthy brunch when we get back to the United States. I believe understanding and delivering upon consumer needs is the most important skill in the business world today. I looks like this internship has prepared you to become marketing mastermind post graduation. Also, from your team picture, it seems you work with a group of tremendous, professional, charismatic, down to earth, adroit, and charming individuals. You are definitely a perfect match for this marvelous crew!

  6. kmscsiri says:

    Hi Jeff! It is always amazing to have amazing people around you especially at work. This is a very good example to demonstrate how people can influence your life. At first when I signed up for this internship (also Australia) I was a little nervous since I’m from a different country interning in another country. But, as you said, the business culture I experienced so far matches exactly to your description. I hope you enjoy the rest of your internship with your wonderful coworkers!

  7. sangyu07 says:

    Hello Jeff! It seems like you have seriously developed amazing relationships with your co-workers! It was quite similar to my experience that people I worked with always respected my input and encouraged me to do better. I am also glad to hear that you gained an enormous experience of your desired career and academic interests. Hopefully you can be in touch with them constantly even after the internship!