The Creativity Incubator

This post will showcase aspects of my actual internship, as well as my internship culture. My internship building, located on Bourke Street in Woolloomooloo (the best city name), has some amazing features to it that everyone at the company utilizes to spark their creative mindset.

The first picture featured below is the Living Room. This area of the office may seem like a place to catch an afternoon nap, but in fact it is where many daily meetings are held. The couches are positioned in a way that encourages collaborative work, but also allows the employees to relax. The mural behind the couches was drawn by one of the original 72andSunny Sydney employees and a new part of the mural is added every year as a summary of that year’s creative work. Every week, my boss and I come to these couches to catch up on my weekly work and plan for what campaigns I should be helping on in the weeks to come.



Stir Cafe, located on the ground floor of our building, is the most popular cafe among 72andSunny Sydney employees. This scrumptious spot is where I have weekly catch ups with all of the employees at the office to get to know them better as well as help them with any work they may need extra assistance on. I highly recommend this place to anyone visiting the area due to the extremely warm staff and their BLT wrap. I’ll let you experience that piece of heaven on your own.

The next spot our tour today is the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel. This spot I have come to outside of my internship culture as well as with people I work with. Every week, two of the senior creatives and I come to the Bay Hotel to grab some locally brewed beers and brainstorm ideas and market gaps for clients. This is an extremely relaxing setting as it looks out over the Wharf, but is still a productive spot for work.

The last, but most certainly not least,  place I will be showcasing in this post is Shelly Beach. This secret cove beach is a MUST SEE due to its incredible waters and hiking trails that start behind the beach. Located in Manly, Shelly Beach is where many local scuba diving programs come to practice their skills. We came to this beach twice this past weekend when I was getting my scuba certification. The local kitchens surrounding the beach have outdoor porch areas that overlook the clear water on the Shelly Beach shore. The menus feature local foods inspired by the exotic range of fruits and vegetables offered in local markets.

Jeff Wexler

Hello there! My name is Jeff and I am a rising senior majoring in Communications and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. The summer (summer of 2019) I decided to intern in Australia to gain some worldly work experience. I am working at a creative agency called 72 and Sunny.

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2 Responses

  1. jtelesma says:

    I love how your office has such a relaxed atmosphere. I heard through the grapevine that your company recently switched offices, can you also share pictures of your new office? I would love to see it.

    Stir Cafe looks really cool as well. It seems the atmosphere of the cafe greatly resembles the atmosphere of your office. I am glad you had some yummy BLT wraps. Does this cafe have pescatarian options? If so, would love to eat there.

    Lastly, I am interested in Shelley Beach. I have not been there yet, but your picture of the beach is marvelous and I really want to go. Do the hiking trails around Shelley beach have steep hills? I enjoy steep hiking trails as it works my legs and gives me an excuse to skip leg day. Also, are there a lot of aquatic animals at Shelley Beach? I am deathly afraid of aquatic animals so hopefully there are not many so I can swim.

  2. Sanjeev Jariwala says:

    I’m glad to see that you turned your blog post into an Images tour. Also, I know you are a person who loves to fall asleep during the day so you must try to avoid that room as much as possible. Pretty scandalous to break away from the vegetarian life for BLT sandwiches, but I’ll let that slide. Keep having fun and I’ll see you soon.