Barcelona: Budgeting for Weekend Travel

Before abroad, I was unsure about how much to allot for travel to different countries on the weekends. I had heard from others that it’s “cheap” to get around Europe, but wanted to be prepared. While it is usually more affordable to travel within the EU, it has been more expensive then I initially anticipated. With some trial and error, I’ve discovered a few ways to keep costs down so that I could make sure I can travel the world!

Try to book flights farther in advance. Google flights is a great tool that compares most airlines and also allows you to compare prices on different weekends if you have some flexibility. If you’re really adventurous, you can even put “anywhere” as your destination to see where you can go on selected dates for the cheapest price.

Use public transportation! This is very key, especially to and from airports as cabs can be very overpriced. If you feel more comfortable using a taxi, be sure to at least ask for a price estimate before getting in.

Keep a budget. I made an excel sheet that includes flight prices, sleeping accommodations, food, special activities, and souvenirs. I have placed estimates in each category and have been keeping track of my spending to make sure that it is sustainable for the semester.

Lastly, make sure you spend some weekends in Barcelona. Once classes start, it becomes more difficult to explore this wonderful city, which has many things to do/see. Traveling is amazing but also tiring, so it was great to have some weekends to explore Spain and save money by staying local.

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