Best and Worst Tourist Spots

  1. Tower Bridge: Commonly confused with London Bridge, Tower Bridge is the large bridge pictured in various staple pictures in London.  There is a glass floor on the top that you are able to walk across, allowing you to get the most amazing views.  In addition to being beautiful, this main tourist attraction is also free.
  2. Buckingham Palace: Go visit the Queens home on a Monday or Wednesday to see the 45 minute changing of the Guard.  The 45 minute ceremony includes a marching band, and will not disappoint.  If you are lucky enough to be here during the summer months of while the queen is away, you can go inside and get a taste for how the Royal Family lives. 
  3. Borough Market: Plan to show up hungry because Borough Market has the most amazing selection of foods from all over the world and my favorite part, the amount of dessert options. The market one of the largest in London, and even after visiting a few times, I still discover news foods and different areas within the market every time. 
  4. The River Cruise: For 6 pounds (with the oyster card discount) you can go the the City Cruise river cruise which stops at the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey.  During the cruise the staff acts as tour guides, although they may not know the history behind all of the landmarks, they provide excellent commentary on the ride.  You are able to see several attractions along the way include Shakespeare Globe, Millennium Bridge, The London Eye, and several other London Landmarks.  Its a quick and easy way (the lazy way) to see a good portion of London in a day.

Worst Tourist Spots

  1. The London Eye: While it may look nice, the London eye is extremely overrated.  For 25 pounds per person, you can go on the London Eye which takes around 30 min to go all the way around.  It gives you a view of the city, but there are so many other ways to see the city for a more efficient price. 
  2. Oxford Street: While it is a really nice place to go shopping, Oxford Street can be extremely overwhelming.  A better place to go shopping and grab a bite after is around covent garden.  There is an open market, along with several other shops and restaurants.
  3. Using the tube during rush hour: DO NOT TAKE THE TUBE DURING RUSH HOUR.  There have been several occasions when I plan poorly and end up on the tube at 5 pm and I am smushed into a corner, while it is 100 degrees in the tube and there are people breathing down your neck.  Take the bus.  It has better views anyway. 


My name is Cecilia and I will be studying abroad in London for the semester. I am studying Business Marketing at City University.

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