Celebrating Diwali Abroad!

Some of the candles we lit outside the temple.

A miniature Golden Temple with candles lit all around it.











This year is the first year ever that I spent the holiday, Diwali, away from my friends and family. At first I was a bit concerned, because I thought I wouldn’t get to celebrate and enjoy the holiday as much as I do at home. But to my surprise, Diwali is actually celebrated very nicely in Manchester so I was able to enjoy it even while I was abroad! On the day of Diwali, I walked to the temple with a couple of my friends and some other students who I hadn’t met before. These students were so nice and welcoming towards my friends and I and it was overall a really fun experience! It was interesting to see that even though I am abroad, the culture and customs of the temple and celebrating Diwali are essentially the same no matter where I am in the world.

At the temple, we got to listen to the service, light the candles, and obviously the night ended in a spectacular fireworks show! It truly was an amazing day and it was so nice to feel at home during this special holiday, even though I am an ocean away from my family. I know for a fact that the Diwali I spent this year in England, is one I surely will never forget!


Hi guys! I am a junior operations management and business analytics major who will be spending the fall 2017 semester exploring Manchester, England. I am so excited to bring you on my journey!

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