Cinque Terre – 5 Towns

For this weekend three of my roommates and I went to the recently popular town, Cinque Terre. The name is Italian for five towns. All 5 towns are centrally located on the coast of Italy are close enough together to hike from one to the next. We learned a valuable lesson on this trip that will never be forgotten.

The lesson: follow the markers on your hiking path

One of the more popular activities to do in Cinque Terre is to hike between towns along the ocean. Being adventurous, we decided we wanted to try the hikes from town five to four that was in the mountain and a little more difficult than the normal tourist trail. Everything started out well, we made it to the path with only minimal difficulty and started following the white and red marks that were leading us the correct way. Then, we hit a very steep incline that we all barely would climb up. From here it leveled out, but now according to the map we had to take a turn somewhere. This is where out little adventure took a turn, literally, for the worst. This turn led us off the normal path that we were supposed to be taking, which leads me to the lesson… There were no markers on the train anymore and the four of us were lost in the Cinque Terre wilderness. We eventually saw other humans after around two hours into our hike. These were four older women who seemed like they knew the area. We asked them how to get to the fourth town and they led us to the path again! They were Italian women who were collecting wild asparagus in the forest. We thanked them a million times, since they had saved us from wandering for hours on end and finally made our way to the correct path. After 3 hours we made it to the fourth town, Vernaza!

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 6.27.47 PM

The fourth town, Vernazza! Also my roommates and I.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 6.28.05 PM

The first town, Riomaggiore. This is the town we stayed in!

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 6.28.48 PM

Fried calamari. Since the towns are on the ocean, they are known for their seafood.


The 3rd town, Mararola. This is the view from a boat tour we did on our last day there!

The 3rd town, Mararola. This is the view from a boat tour we did on our last day there!

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