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Here in Copenhagen through the DIS school, we have this amazing opportunity to sign up for “Visiting Host Families”. DIS pairs you with a Danish family who you don’t live with, but have the chance to communicate with and hang out to get a more wholistic feel of Denmark. Before we came to Cope, we could sign up, and say a little about our interests, how often we want to meet with this family, what age kids (if any) we would prefer to be with, etc.


This has been one of my favorite parts about being in Cope. My visiting host family are the Jensens, two parents and two children, 16 and 14 years old.


Meeting them the first day was a bit chaotic! I left my apartment to without the gift I bought them. I quickly ran back to get the gift, took the bus to the train station, cluelessly navigated the station, and got on one, but it wasn’t the express train that I wanted. The whole ride I was sitting anxiously and worrying about being so late, leaving a horrible first impression. I finally arrived at the station 30 minutes late and see the Jensens waiting. Thankfully they weren’t upset, even though Danes are very punctual. I was a mess and they were just glad to meet me!


Having a visiting host family has been one of my favorite parts of being in Copenhagen. I have such a better understanding of Danish home life and culture. I can have dinner with a family that feels like my family back in the states, talking about what the kids did at school, what the parents did at work, hearing about tourist attractions to visit and the history that Danes are so proud of. I’m so glad I have this second family here. I can’t wait to explore museums and small cities with them, hear their perspectives, and learn more about their country.

Anna O'Brian

My name is Anna O'Brian! I am currently a junior Marketing and Supply Chain major at the University of Maryland. This semester, Spring 2018, I will be studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark and I'm so excited for the many experience I'm about to gain!

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