Fàilte to Third Year

As at Maryland, the third year is when students begin the search for prospective careers and internships. As a junior studying abroad, I had the chance to join the current third year students studying Geography and Sustainable Development in their annual Careers Day. The main presentation was hosted by the Royal Bank of Scotland, and was similar in style to a corporate overview presentation at Smith. During the session, I was able to participate in a small group exercise that was similar to a mock group interview, where each group member received feedback on collaborative skills. This event was a great way to get to meet more individuals who I’d be having class with as well as to learn more about the group interview process. I also attended the university career fair, which had only 27 companies present. This quite different from UMD where there are more companies than you can even hope to talk to! The fair also is incredibly laid back and students can simply wear whatever they wore to class; some students found it hard to imagine that we have to wear business professional attire in order to network with recruiters. The informal setting was quite relaxed and made it easy to talk to companies that I’d never heard of before.

The fall career fair featured companies like Amazon, EY, and PwC, as well as consulting firms and non-profits based in the UK. Students can wear casual attire to the fair.

Also, in case you were wondering about the titles of my blog posts, they contain words in Scottish Gaelic which is different than the Gaelic of Ireland. Fàilte means welcome!


Hi! I'm Shyama, a junior pursuing a dual degree in Operations Management and Business Analytics and Environmental Science and Policy. I'm studying abroad in St Andrews, Scotland, and can't wait to share with you a little slice of Fife!

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