First Impressions: Manchester Edition

Some refreshments we received at the Selfridge’s event.

Before coming to Manchester, the one thing I heard from everyone was that it is the rainiest city in the United Kingdom. You know what that means–I packed all my rain gear and umbrellas in anticipation for this weather–but to my surprise I have not been caught once in the rain while here! I got here on the 14th of September and it is now the 18th of September so I’d like to think I’ve been pretty lucky! Every time I walk outside I just nearly miss the rainstorm, and I get to see the sun shining. Not to mention rainbows! I have seen at least five since I have been here.

Another thing I did not know before coming to Manchester, is that shopping is SO big here. Today my friend took me to a beauty event at Selfridges, which is basically a department store that has products from all the brands I will probably never be able to afford, and it was a shopaholic’s dream (aka my dream). It was absolutely beautiful along with all the other stores they have in the City Center over here.  I was also introduced to Primark and I now realize how so many people in the United Kingdom can afford to dress so nicely. Primark had the cutest clothes (it took everything in me not to buy all of them!) and they have AMAZING deals. I bought so many of the essential room stuff that I wasn’t able to carry on the flight over and going there made me wish I had not packed as many clothes. If you’re coming to the U.K. you could quite honestly come with an empty suitcase and Primark would have everything you could ever need! I really wish I would’ve listened to other people when they said to pack light. Also, sneakers–or as the Brits call them “trainers”–are such a big thing in Manchester. The only shoes I packed were boots and flats, but everyone in Manchester wears sneakers, even on a night out, so I think it’s definitely worth it to invest in a nice pair of those.



Hi guys! I am a junior operations management and business analytics major who will be spending the fall 2017 semester exploring Manchester, England. I am so excited to bring you on my journey!

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