First Week of Classes

I’ve been in Barcelona since January 4th but being at UAB, we did not start classes until January 18th. While it was nice to have time to settle in, I was completely ready and excited for classes to begin to get into a routine. Today marks the end of my first week of classes! While I haven’t fully delved into my classes yet, I have definitely noticed some differences between school in the US and school in Barcelona.

In the US, students will miss class on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis and have no issue passing, or sometimes even doing well, in a class. However, in Barcelona attendance is extremely important. Some classes require that you attend a certain percentage (typically 80%) of your classes in order to be able to pass or to take the final. While Barcelona is very relaxed and laid back city, they take school very seriously.

With that being said about attendance, school seems generally much easier. There’s significantly less homework and the grades are made up of heavily weighted exams. In fact, in many classes the homework does not count towards the final grade at all and typically a final grade will be made up of a couple of exams or presentations and a small percentage of attendance. While it’s enjoyable to not have to worry about a great deal of schoolwork, I’m a horrible test taker and that makes me a little nervous.

All of the professors at UAB are extremely welcoming and understanding that we’re all getting a little bit lost during our first week of classes. I have really been enjoying taking the classes here because it is interesting to see the global perspectives that the professors have. Two of my management professors are from Germany but live here in Barcelona and my other 2 Spanish professors are both from Spain. I take my business classes at the Exiample campus and my Spanish classes at the Sant Pau campus, which is gorgeous. I included a photo of the Sant Pau campus!



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