Headed Home

Less than 12 hours before my study abroad experience is over and I head back to the US. I write this as I wait in Reykjavik before my final leg of my journey. 11 countries, 20 cities, 5 months. What an adventure.

I’m happy to say I achieved everything I wanted to during this trip. I was able to travel all over Europe to cities big and small. I was able to interact with people of multiple cultures and learn about their customs and values. I learned more about international business and the strong influence America has on everything…everything. My biggest surprise was learning more about myself and my American culture. Of course I knew that I had a culture and that it influenced me, but I didn’t realize how many aspects of myself were inherently American until seeing it was different.

So, from tiny spoons and biking through Amsterdam to sleeping in airports, I close this chapter on my life. I am beyond grateful to all those who have supported me throughout this journey. Next stop…America!


I am a senior at UMD study abroad at the University of Amsterdam in Amsterdam, the Netherlands for the fall semester. I am originally from southern California but have been living on the east coast for the past seven years. I double major in International Business and Ops Management and Business Analytics.

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