Hidden Bars in Melbourne

Throughout my time here in Melbourne I had constantly heard about special establishments known as “hidden bars”. This was an entirely new concept for me as I have not been to many cities. A few friends and I decided to set out in search of these hidden bars. After performing some simple Google searches we arrived outside one sandwich shop called Boston Sub. The exterior looked like any other retro sandwich shop and I was initially confused with the coordinates from Google. Upon further investigation we were led to a refrigerator door, which led to the secret bar known as “Jungle Boy”. I was in disbelief as we entered this hidden bar, which was an entirely different world. The bar was dark, candlelit and draped with vines all over. We decided to sit in an outdoor veranda area, which donned a mural of Bob Marley. The entire atmosphere was quite hypnagogic and when we exited through the same refrigerator door it felt like waking up from a dream or walking through a portal back into reality. This feeling was probably amplified due to the excellent wine but nonetheless it was an incredible experience. My friends and I will continue our quest to discover other hidden bars in the area before we leave next month.

This sub shop led to the secret bar.


I am currently a Sophomore in the business school majoring in accounting. I will be studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia this upcoming Spring, something I have dreamed of since I was very young. I hope you all tune in and enjoy the ride.

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