Homestay living

Upon my arrival, I went from zero to three siblings overnight.

I was one of five in the home. This was a big change for me!

I always wanted to start the conversation. I wanted the others to feel comfortable with me around. So, I offered to help cook, clean and care for the dog. I became an authentic family member. The aunts, uncles and cousins always recognized me and remembered our conversations from previous visits. They asked for me by name.

Although, whereas this made me feel like I belonged with the family, I realize I will have to soon surrender these relationships–although we can still connect via social media–due to my nearing departure. The goodbyes will be tough, but the family is accustomed to it. I’m the 5th or 6th student they’ve had.

It’s been a great homestay experience, and an amazing way to improve my language skills. We can talk about any topic, at any time, which truly helps me learn. They enjoy hearing my perspective, and I certainly enjoy hearing their ideas. I’ll miss the daily conversations we’ve had.

Thanks for reading. Deuces!

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