Hong Kong – Food Empire

Beef noodles

Hong Kong deserves this title for sure. Ever since I got here, I have tried so many different kinds of food either traditional or fusion, and it is definitely something that makes this internship experience even more fascinating.

Hong Kong-style french toast

Some of the traditional foods include Dim Sum, fishballs, hot pot, roast goose, chicken feet, and more, in which each of them is cooked in different ways and flavors. Based on what I have observed, the major staple dishes are rice and noodles served with cooked seafoods, meats, or broths. What is typically served here is slightly different in America, but it is similar to Korean dishes that I usually eat at home with my family.

The typical meals are comprised of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they are all served on the similar structure as in America in terms of time, but many times people would order big dishes and share on a round dining table in Hong Kong. One of the most common types of restaurants that people go for affordable and various menus is called “Cha chaan teng”, especially for breakfast and afternoon tea. I really like the Hong Kong-style french toast with milk-tea for breakfast, and many people usually go out for meals as they are busy from work.

Egg tart- one of the most popular pastries in Hong Kong

Dim Sum brunch

Food is not celebrated, but many people enjoy Dim Sum brunch, and it is often served as a welcome or celebrating meal for group gathering events. I also had Dim Sum brunch for a welcome lunch when I first started to work, and I actually felt little closer and connected to the team by sharing food together just as its meaning in Chinese ‘touch the heart’.



Hello, my name is Sangyu Kim. I am a junior and double-major in data analytics/operations management and supply chain management at UMD. I am currently in Hong Kong, exploring new culture and experiences!

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5 Responses

  1. tdoddapa says:

    That food looks delicious! That’s cool that you were able to try unique foods to what we are used to in America like chicken feet. What would you saw has been your favourite thing that you have tried?

  2. syang120 says:

    The tiger sugar and the Korean restaurants you recommended were so great! We still have a lot of popular restaurants and snacks to try, such as spicy crab! Also thank you for bring me the egg tart. It was the best one so far. Hope we will not gain too much weight lol.

  3. sjariwal says:

    Wow, the food in Hong Kong seems to be quite similar to the food in Singapore! I will actually be trying Dim Sum later this week and am now super excited after reading about how it creates a bonding experience. I also tried milk tea during my second day in Singapore, and it is definitely one of the most refreshing drinks I’ve had!

  4. Jeff Wexler says:

    All of those meals look quite delectable. Do you feel like Chinese food in the US does an accurate job of representing the tastes and spices of the homeland? Also, is the food relatively cheap in Hong Kong or pretty expensive because it is in downtown city?

  5. jtelesma says:

    Wow! Judging by all the plates on the tables I would definitely agree Hong Kong is a food empire! In which ways are major staple Chinese dishes served differently than in America? I enjoy American-Chinese food, but I am curious if traditional Chinese preparation is superior. Let me know what you think!