Travel like a local or tourist, you can do both in Hong Kong!

There are two options for traveling in Hong Kong: travel like a tourist or travel like a local.

For the first month I spent here, I tried to travel like a tourist by visiting the most popular places among tourists. The two places that I liked the most were Victoria Peak and Tsim Sha Tusui. Victoria Peak is the highest hill on Hong Kong island where I could see the whole view of Hong Kong, definitely great for sightseeing and night view. I visited here on the second day after I arrived in Hong Kong, and I still remember a wonderful scenery of an island full of skyscrapers surrounded by sea.

Tsim Sha Tsui is located on the other side of island called Kowloon, where many tourists visit for shopping and various entertainments. The most popular shopping center in this place is Harbour City, a large complex that encompasses a 270-degree Observatory deck. Tsim Sha Tsui has countless options for shopping and dining, and it is absolutely one of my favorite places to visit with my friends frequently.

I actually tried to find more places where I could travel like a ‘local’ for the remaining time here. The two local places that I visited recently were Mong Kok and Sham Shui Po. Unlike the other two places I mentioned previously, both of these places definitely have more local taste in terms of street markets, foods, and people. I personally would recommend people to visit Mong Kok where I could explore the city both as a local and tourist and enjoy a variety options of street foods and local shopping at night market.

Where you choose to visit makes your experience totally different, and no matter where you choose to go in Hong Kong, it will absolutely be worth it.


Hello, my name is Sangyu Kim. I am a junior and double-major in data analytics/operations management and supply chain management at UMD. I am currently in Hong Kong, exploring new culture and experiences!

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3 Responses

  1. jtelesma says:

    I am glad that you started to travel like a local. What are the major differences between the “tourist” and “local” places? You mention that the foods, people, and markets have a more local taste. I am curious what factors make up a “local taste.” Also, Tsim Sha Tsui looks delicious and the photo is making me really hungry as I am writing this comment!

  2. Shuhan says:

    Tsim Sha Tsui is also one of my favorite places, so we still need to spend some time there within next two weekends. I just saw the Tram to the Victoria Peak start to work. You have been thought about it for almost two months, so we have to try it before we leave lol.

  3. Jeff Wexler says:

    It is amazing to hear that after the “tourist” phase, you were able to get onto the local level of travel because that is what our trips are really about. What has been your favorite find ever since you have started living like a local?