How’d I end up in Spain?

Since I was younger, I always knew I wanted to study abroad. While looking at colleges, my parents both told me their biggest regret was that they did not go abroad. Therefore, I knew that I had to go. In addition, I had hardly traveled in my life other than the Bahamas, Canada and Israel. The thought of spending an entire semester exploring was exciting to me and I knew things wouldn’t be much different back at school than in previous semesters. I had always had a fascination with Australia but this past summer I decided I would prefer to go to Spain as it opened up the doors to travel more places in Europe and also improve my Spanish, as I am a Spanish minor. I was between the Madrid Business School Exchange and the Maryland-In Barcelona program.

What drew me to the exchange was the fact that it was far less Maryland students and I would be more immersed in the culture. But what drew me to the Maryland-In program was the city of Barcelona itself. I had an extremely difficult time deciding but being out of state, Maryland-In was cheaper and I had some feeling in my gut that was drawing me towards the city of Barcelona. Regardless, I knew both were amazing options.

Before departing, I was nervous about not being fully immersed in the culture with such a large group of Maryland students going. Yet simultaneously, knowing that familiar faces would be around was comforting. Some of my goals are to learn how to cook the food from Barcelona, take advantage of all of the opportunities that Maryland-In has to offer (they have tons of free weekend and day trips and even a cooking class!) and to eventually feel as though I can navigate the city as if I lived here and show others around.

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