I Am Going… to See the World

I have always told myself that I would never allow anything to hold me back. Not fear or failures, and not friendships or doubt. I mean absolutely nothing. However, this summer has been a rollercoaster. It made me question a lot of things in my life- both the good and the bad. But I kept reminding myself that “I am going to see the world”. When any uncertainty would come, I would reassure myself that ” I am going to see the world”.

Looking forward to this study abroad experience is one of the only things that have been keeping me going and adding to my joy. I’ve been preparing myself financially, mentally, and spiritually for this new journey, I am about to experience. Considering that I am now a senior… I have some many things running through my head. Whether I will graduate “on-time”, If I’ll have a job coming out of college, where will I live, etc.  I constantly have to remind myself to live in the moment. Many people do not get the opportunity to study in a different country for a whole semester! I am blessed.

So instead of worrying, I am deciding to take advantage of every single opportunity that comes with studying in the UK. That means eating fish and chips all the time, traveling to neighboring cities like London, Paris, Barcelona, etc., and meeting people who I could potentially build long term relationships with.

Being someone who enjoys traveling and has been to over 7 destinations this year already, I am so excited to embark on this new journey. I will be studying at the University of Manchester Business Alliance School starting this fall. I would consider England to be a home away from home already due to the fact that the majority of my family lives there. The experience will definitely be different this time though. I usually only visit for three weeks to a month, but now I will be living here for the next five months. I am looking forward to my life for the next five months because I AM GOING TO SEE THE WORLD.

I can’t wait to keep you all updated throughout the semester on my youtube channel and by blogging.


P.S. If you ever have the opportunity to study abroad, DO IT. Don’t think twice about it- it could potentially change your life.

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