Manchester Christmas Markets

Before I arrived in Manchester, England I did a lot of research, and one of the main attractions of the city is its amazing Christmas markets! Not only are they beautiful, but there are so many and they offer everything from food, jewelry, ice skating and fun fairs. There are eight different Christmas markets all throughout Manchester and so far I have had the opportunity to visit two, and they are even more beautiful in person.

Before arriving in England, I did not really know what Christmas markets were or how big they were in the UK. In America, I don’t think we really have anything quite like Christmas markets but according to my British friends it is a staple part of the culture here. Each Christmas market has a different theme in Manchester. So far I have visited the European themed one and the German specific themed one. They were both really cool experiences and I got to try loads of different kinds of foods and buy lots of souvenirs for my loved ones back home. My friends and I also bought cute handmade friendship bracelets as a token of the time we got to spend together this holiday season. I can’t wait to visit all eight of the Christmas markets to see what they all offer! If you ever find yourself in Manchester, or really anywhere in the UK, be sure to check them out.


Some mini Dutch pancakes we got from the European themed Christmas Market.


Hi guys! I am a junior operations management and business analytics major who will be spending the fall 2017 semester exploring Manchester, England. I am so excited to bring you on my journey!

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