Markets, Markets, Markets!

London is known for many things, and one of my favorite parts is the unbelievable amount of food places in the area. The best place to get cheap, tasty food would be at any of London’s food markets. One of the best-known food markets in the city would be borough market. Located right next to London Bridge, you can easily grab a delicious bite while seeing some of London’s landmarks!


The next market, and one of my favorites would have to be Camden Market. I visit Camden market quiet frequently, and every time I visit I discover something new. The first time I visited the market I made the mistake of choosing something to eat quickly, and I regretted it dearly soon after. Camden market is filled with some of the most delicious food stalls. At the market you can find different kinds of Asian food, some of the best fish and chip places in the city, and a churro stand that will change your life. Some of my favorites (which I actually remember the names) in the market include The Mac Factory, Arepazo Bros, and The Cheese Bar, which cooks pasta in a large cheese wheel, and who doesn’t love that!


One of the smaller markets in the London is Bloomsbury Market, located in Birkbeck College. Every Tuesday and Thursday, there is a large selection including a delicious Paella stand. Although the lines can be extremely long, the wait is definitely worth it.


I still have a number of markets to visit, but I cannot wait to eat my way through all of them.


My name is Cecilia and I will be studying abroad in London for the semester. I am studying Business Marketing at City University.

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