Mid-semester break – part two

After departing Amsterdam the next morning, I took a bus to Belgium. I had to switch from the bus to a train in Antwerp, Belgium, so I got to see the city’s center, but not much else. I arrived in Ghent, Belgium that night, where I would spend the next three days with another one of my friends. Ghent is a very old and historic city, that has been in existence for more than one thousand years. We took a boat tour down the small river that splits the city into two, and learned a lot about the history of the city. The next day we walked to the city’s University, U-Ghent, and learned more about the history of the city and the school. We also explored a museum about Ghent that dove deep into the city’s interesting history.

While in Belgium, we knew that we had to indulge in the classic Belgian specialty, the Belgian waffle. It’s essentially just a normal breakfast waffle, but with a topping such as Nutella or fruit, and you eat it with your hands instead of a fork and knife. The Nutella waffle that I tried definitely lived up to my high expectations.

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