New month new classes

For the first half of the semester I only took two classes, which made my academic load very light. I had midterms three weeks into school and finals at the end of October. Now I’m starting all new classes that I will have for only seven weeks. Going into this “block schedule” I knew it was different but was excited to give it a chance. The main pros to this schedule are the lighter course load which allows you to focus more energy on one class. Which is great-there were times at UMD I was overwhelmed by the work I had to get done for my normal course load. But as I start these new set of classes, I’m realizing I prefer the semester long classes. The professors are having to squeeze a semester’s worth of material into six weeks of lecture. I personally don’t think it is enough time to really grasp and appreciate the material. The block goes by super fast.

On the other hand, I have been able to see some very cool parts of the city. The University of Amsterdam does not have a central campus. Academic buildings are located throughout the city and in very bizarre buildings. One class from last block put me down this back alleyway which felt like I was stepping into Hogwarts. Currently I have lecture in a stunning church. So…it’s weird, but I get to explore some cool places.

Class in an old church


I am a senior at UMD study abroad at the University of Amsterdam in Amsterdam, the Netherlands for the fall semester. I am originally from southern California but have been living on the east coast for the past seven years. I double major in International Business and Ops Management and Business Analytics.

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