Racing Through Monaco

Since I have been abroad there are a few cultural differences I have noticed. For one, everything here moves much slower than back in the states, which I actually have grown to love in my short time here. Second, the daily routines of the people native to Spain are completely different than in the USA. Most don’t eat breakfast, those that do eat something small, the next meal is usually lunch around 14:00 (2:00 pm) and is also small. Next, there is a large gap between lunch and dinner, which is typically eaten around 22:00 (10:00 pm) and is also the largest meal that Spaniards will eat. Finally, the culture around sports here is entirely different, some of the biggest sports in Europe are sports we don’t even televise on major networks in the USA with the most popular being Soccer and others being rally car driving and Formula 1.


Fortunately for me, while travelling to Monte Carlo, Monaco I was able to witness the second biggest car rally they hold, after the Monaco Grand Prix. Some friends and I had just arrived to France and during our ride in a taxi we shared with our driver that we were visiting Monaco. He informed us that we were in luck because this weekend was the second biggest race that they hold and we would be able to see some of the race as well as the finish. My friends and I quickly start to plan where we would need to be and when to see all aspects of the race take place. We had planned and walked from our Airbnb to the local bus stop that was going to bring us where we needed to go to see the race, but while we waited we heard engines screaming in the distance. Before we knew it, rally cars were racing past us towards the finish line, in the center of Monte Carlo.


More excited than ever we hopped on a bus to the finish line and were able to get there just in time to see some of the drivers finish and the following processions. I was in awe at the massive crowd that came out to watch these drivers park their cars and take a few pictures with fans. When we got there we pushed our way to the front and as we made it to the gate, a driver came out and we were able to grab him to take a picture! The city was alive with energy and to this day is one of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed.

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