Returning Home

By Lina Bauer
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A month has now passed since my return to the U.S. after being abroad for five months. Although, there have been moments when I can’t believe I am not longer living in Barcelona and can no longer visit the Sagrada Familia, the many buildings created by Gaudi, or the Museo Del Picasso in between classes. I miss the simple afternoons, where I sat in cafes, surrounded by Spaniards, listening to ordinary conversations and learning about another culture.

I also feel a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity of studying abroad. Living in Spain on my own allowed me the opportunity to test whether I could be independent. Whether I was able to survive on my own, travel by myself, and rely on myself to accomplish everything I needed done.


Slowly feeling like a native in a city that was not my own is what I miss most of all. Looking back to when I arrived to Barcelona, I vividly remember that first day in Spain. Barely able to communicate in Spanish, and feeling like a lost student in unfamiliar territory, I missed home and the comfort of my family and friends.

Finally, after months abroad, I was able to leave the city I had called my home for four months to leaving as someone who could call Barcelona a second home, and will fondly remember the magical four months I spent there for the rest of my life.


Hey everyone! My name is Lina Bauer and I am a rising sophomore, double majoring in finance and accounting and minoring in French. As you can probably tell from my photo in Vienna, I have a serious case of wanderlust. Some of my other interests are dancing, and learning languages. I have dreamt of studying abroad for such a long time and am so excited to be studying abroad in Barcelona this semester. Let the adventure begin!

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