“Studying” Abroad

It is now the fourth week of class and I finally have a feel of what it is like being a student here.

Registration comes before classes even start, however, the process here is much different from our Testudo website. The classes are not offered on a first come first serve basis. Instead, they have a mileage system. We have a certain amount of mileage that we can place on the classes we want to take. Since it is a given amount of mileage, you have to be careful with the amount that you place on each class. For example, I placed max mileage on the class that I really wanted to take and distributed the rest among the classes that were optional for me. This can be tricky, but you can check the mileage history from the previous semester to make the most out of your points.

When classes begin, you will hear the professors emphasize on attendance points. Unlike UMD, most classes do not have participation points, but attendance points. It is Yonsei’s policy that students do not miss more than 1/3 of their classes.

The attendance policy may seem scary, but in return, there is almost no homework here. But as a result, the exams have a heavier weight. Having no homework allows the students to have more time to study on their own. Thus, self-motivation is very important here. You do not want to be the student that waits till finals week to study. However, if you are that student, do not worry, Yonsei has reading week: a whole week dedicated to studying!

This is a picture of the business school from the front. Like Van Munching, there is a convenient store inside for a quick snack or meal.

There are many areas where the students can relax or study between classes.

Mei Chen

Hello. My name is Mei Chen and I am a junior studying finance and operations management at the University of Maryland. This semester I will be at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea as an exchange student. I am super excited for this opportunity and will make the most out of the 4 months there.

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