Family Ties

Last week my 3 siblings and their “significant others” visited me for the week. Although I still attended work everyday, their being here made it seem like I was on vacation. Having people there who looked to me for language assistance and recommendations on things to do and places to eat gave me a confidence that I didn’t know I had; it made me realize that I actually knew what to say…. in some ways, this was my city, and I loved it.

Me and my siblings (and company) in front of the Palacio Real

My siblings are not exactly the touristy types, so we didn’t do any museums like the Prado or the Santa Maria (which attract thousands of tourists a day), but the one thing they did agree to go with me to was the tour of the Palacio Real. The sheer size of the building astounded me; I pass by the Palace every day on my way to work, but something about standing inside its gates and walking through the front door that made it seem more magical than every. Based off the Palace of Versailles, the Palace did not waste any extravagance. While walking through the connecting rooms, you can imagine Tiepolo spending hours painting the ceiling of the dining hall, and you can almost feel the weight of the chandeliers as they cling to same ceiling. Everything was larger than life, everything had a purpose, and everything took my breath away.

The only picture I got from the inside of the palace before I found out you can’t take pictures.

The Palacio Real is a must do in Madrid, although I have never been to the Palace of Versailles, I hear this one is better 🙂

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