I Must be Dreaming

Early Saturday morning, I found myself running through the streets of Madrid, uncharacteristically late to catch a bus to Valencia. Without my morning coffee, my fuel was running low and I almost gave up, thinking if Valencia would really be worth this early morning workout. I made it on the bus just as the driver was putting it in drive, made my way to find a seat, and promptly fell asleep. I woke up now and then, and looked out the window, each time to see different, but equally breathtaking, views of the Spanish countryside; I was sure it was a dream.

The first time I woke from my slumber was from the morning sun striking my eyes. As I looked to my left I saw fields of grapevines, line in perfect, unending rows. All around the maintained harvest, there were bright pops of red poppies, lavender, and yellow shrubs that each look my breath away. I had never seen anything like it before, it looked like the land of the Teletubbies. Too good to be true, I thought, as my eyes grew heavy, and I fell back asleep.

About an hour later I was woken up by my fellow riders gasping at something outside the window. The scenery had completely changed, now were within some sort of mountain. Layers of rock stacked together, with crystal-clear ponds at their feet. If I had not quickly taken out my phone and taken a picture, I would have sworn it was all a dream.

Some of the rivers and mountains on the way to Valencia

When talking about Spain, people rave about the architecture, food, and night life. But between the cities, the Spanish countryside begs for attention, with sights like no other. My great appreciation for nature was given to me by my dad, so right then and there I decided I would have to bring him there one day, because it is something you just have to see for yourself.

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