I Think it’s Time

Hi there, I am Emma Nold. I just finished my sophomore year studying international business at the Smith School. It is unclear to me whether I am studying abroad because I am studying international business, or I am studying international business in the hopes of studying abroad; but one thing is for certain is that this is something I have always wanted. I always knew I wanted to see the world and learn a different way, outside of the small town I have barely left since I was a child. But now, I am sitting here, about to leave for my trip to Madrid, and I am faced with the realization that I am growing up. My summers will no longer be busy with boat days, or lounging by the pool. Instead, I will be working long hours, 5 days a week. I am not sure if I am ready to grow up, but I guess I’ve got to start sooner or later. That’s why I chose this program, because I am able to take the step of working every day, while being in a city rich with culture and excitement. My friends definitely have given me grief about “abandoning” them for a summer in Spain, but I know that they understand this is something I have been dreaming of for a while.

My last night in America

One struggle I have come across while preparing for this trip has been packing. I have never been a light packer, never tried to hide it either. So trying to keep 7 weeks of clothing under 50 pounds has been a struggle. I have packed and repacked 7 times so far and still, I just can’t seem to shed those last few pounds (relatable, right?). So I have had to leave behind some of my favorite shoes and tops to make room for the business clothes I will be wearing to work.

So soon I will start my workout of lugging around my 49 pound suitcase to BWI to begin this crazy journey into the real world, leaving behind my friends, family, and my favorite booties but on the way to what I’m sure will be the greatest summer of my life.

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