Inside the Imperial City

Toledo is a city located in the mountains of central Spain, about an hour outside of Madrid. It is also referred to as “The City of Three Cultures” due to its cultural influences of Muslims, Christians, and Jews. Toledo holds a rich history of many different empires from centuries ago which is prevalent in many of their historical sites. There most poplar sites are Santa Iglesia Catedral, Alcazar, and the Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes that attract tourists from all over the world. The city was known for its craftsmanship, specifically in the production of swords and blades. Today, swords and blades are sold as artifacts for tourists to purchase. They are famous for Mazapan, a small pastry made with almonds, honey, and sugar.

Our trip to Toledo was one to remember. We walked into the walled city to be surrounded by its long lineage of history, evidently seen through its beautiful architecture and various food options. We were given the day to explore the cobblestone streets of Toledo and engage ourselves in their culture. Unlike many jewelers in the United States, Toledo takes pride in hand-making their jewelry. We were able to first-hand experience the process on how they craft such intricate pieces of golden and silver jewelry for their customers. Later in the day, I slowed down and enjoyed an expresso at a small cafe with a few other students before going on the city bus tour. Traveling from Madrid, which is more modern and practices that “go-go-go” lifestyle, made the visit more appreciative and memorable.¬†Going on a bus tour helped us get a better insight on Toledo’s history. We were able to learn about the cultural differences and spend quality time with each other with some amazing views.

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