Madrid to London!

Two weeks ago, I traveled from Madrid to the UK for the second time since being in Europe. This time, the trip was to London with 8 of my sorority friends who are also studying abroad in Europe. One of the girls came up with the idea to take a trip together somewhere a few weeks ago, and surprisingly most of us were able to meet in London at the same time. We booked our flights from Italy, Prague, and Spain, found a decent Airbnb and made it happen.

I’m so glad it worked out because seeing other UMD friends for the first time in a while and discovering a new city together was so fun! This was my first time traveling with a big group, and I think it went pretty smoothly. I didn’t know a few of the girls too well before this trip because I recently joined the sorority, but we definitely all got close in London. Since London is a huge city, having more people to travel with was really helpful.

Some of us had friends studying abroad in London, so we asked them for recommendations and made a whole itinerary. Our first stop was at a local pub to get fish and chips because why not? Then we went into the city center to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and more. The weather was not so great. It was pretty cold, and it constantly rains there (so make sure you bring an umbrella if you’re planning a visit). After walking around all day, we went back to the Airbnb and crashed.

The next day we went to Camden Market (highly recommend), where we literally ate our way through the different stands, shopped at the vintage and souvenir stores, and met up with more friends. Next, we took a double decker bus, which is a normal public transportation option there, to the Tower Bridge and London Eye areas. Both of these classic tourist places were great for pictures. At night, we went to a club called Tiger Tiger, which was really fun. London is a pretty expensive city, so expect to spend a lot if you go, but it was definitely worth it!

Stay tuned for more trips..

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