Unexpected Beauty

Recently I was asked what is my favorite thing about Madrid so far. There are so many things about this city that make it amazing, but I replied with ease…”the architecture”.

As per my last post, I have always been a fan of mother nature, her scenes are always what I have always been at a loss of words for. But since being here I have found a great appreciation for man-made scenery as well.

The gold plated angel on the top of the metropolis, the monstrous archs that shape the city and make you wonder how someone put them together in the first place; these are the things that I have been most surprised by in my time here.

It is unexpected beauty that towers over you and reminds you that people were here before you, and their memory will last after you. It is strong. It is beautiful. It Is Madrid.

The Glass Castle at The Retiro

Church in the neighborhood of La Latina

Building outside of Alfonso Martinez Metro Station

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