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Hi Everyone!

It is crazy how its been a month since I got here.  Madrid is such a beautiful city, and I can honestly say that I am so glad I chose to study abroad here. While the culture is not too different than in the US, you can definitely still see various differences in the way that people act. For example, when Spanish people greet you, they do one kiss on each cheek. In the US, you only do one kiss and it is usually only to your friends or family. I always forget that people here do that when you first meet them, but I have been getting better.

Another thing that is different is the way that people dress at school. Everyone is always nicely dressed and put together. In the US, we go to class in leggings, a big t-shirt, and sneakers. Here, you see girls wearing jeans, boots, and a nice shirt. This is another thing that has been hard for me since I am so used to getting up 10 minutes before class and throwing on whatever clothes I can find.

Lastly, I realized that being abroad has definitely made me more independent. I find myself doing more things on my own since everyone’s schedules are so different. At home, since we live on campus, there are always people around. Here, everyone goes to different schools and has class at different times. Before coming here, I dreaded doing things on my own. Now, I have learned to appreciate that alone time.


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Hi! My name is Mariana Avila and I am a junior majoring in finance and marketing. I am studying in Madrid, Spain this spring semester.

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