Spring Break 1.0 – Greece


I haven’t spoken much about my classes, but Spring Break 1.0 is the perfect opportunity to!

Classes here work pretty differently from how they do back at UMD. I am taking five courses right now and they all have wildly different grading policies.

Class One – Only a final exam

Class Two – One huge group project and a final

Class Three –  Four case studies and a final

Class Four – Midterm and Final

Class Five – Two group projects and a final

Only one of my classes has regular assignments, which is definitely a welcome change from weekly MyStatLab assignments back home! Another great thing about Bocconi classes is that they have a designated 10 days for midterms. During these 10 days, you can take any midterms you have at a scheduled time, but otherwise there are no classes during this period. I fortunately only had one midterm and it was on the first day. Since I had no courses for another week after that, I packed my bags and went to Greece for a week!

Out of all of the countries I have had the opportunity to visit, Greece has been my absolute favorite. I flew into Thessaloniki, which is in northern Greece, along the coast. Getting off the plane in Greece was such an unreal feeling for me. I honestly did not realize how interesting the language would be and found myself constantly staring at signage trying to figure out what on earth that word was. Here, I saw the White Tower, took a 30 minute boat ride around the bay for the cost of a soda (3 euros), and ate some absolutely amazing seafood! I was only in Thessaloniki for a night though, and then it was off to Athens! The flight between Thessaloniki and Athens was only 20 euros and took just under an hour, which was a pleasant change from the long flights we are used to in the U.S.

Athens was incredible. Without a doubt, my favorite place that I have ever been. We stayed at a hotel right off of Sytangma Square, which is a local hotspot and is surrounded by restaurants and shops. It was also within walking distance of a huge farmers market and the Acropolis. There was also a small train, like what you see in some Zoos, that took you around the city to many of the tourist sites. I stayed in Athens for two nights and ate probably a dozen skewers of chicken, pork, beef and some sort of meat mixture that I’m not entirely sure what it was, as well as multiple plates of tzatziki with pita bread. The food was delicious and flavorful everywhere I went and everyone was very warm and welcoming. On my last day in Athens, I was woken up to the sound of a marching band in the street next to me and massive helicopters flying overhead. When I checked out, I asked what it was all for and found out that it was Greek Independence Day! Just my luck, I had planned this trip without knowing and I was able to be in the capital of Greece for their Independence Day. Outside, everyone was waving Greek flags and many people were outside enjoying the warm weather.

From Athens, I flew into Santorini , which only took 40 minutes. It was still off season in Santorini, so many shops were closed. That didn’t stop me from having a great time though! I stayed on Perissa beach and was ripped off by the cab driver who took me there from the airport- so I definitely suggest booking transportation ahead of time. In Santorini, I spent 3 days relaxing on the beach and enjoying the view of the nearby mountains and the ocean. I would love to come back here someday when everything is open, as there were things I wanted to do but wasn’t able to because of the closures.

After all of that adventure, it was time to come back to Milan and get back to work for 2 weeks before our official spring break actually happened. I’ll tell you more about that in my next post.


Until next time,



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