Thank you, technology

So far, I have traveled to 16 different cities, most of them outside the Netherlands. Traveling of course has its challenges (getting lost in Gare du Nord for example…) but man, having a smartphone makes it so easy. The great part about being in the EU is that I can use my phone plan anywhere.

I would like to give a formal shout out to Google Maps for directions and public transport schedules (a life saver to my feet), Google Translate so I know what food I’m about to order (avoided getting pigs feet), and the Internet as a whole so I know the best sights to see and the most efficient way to see them all.

It absolutely blows my mind that I can call my best friend when she was 7500 miles away. I can learn about a monument with a few clicks. I have a world of knowledge at my fingertips while I actually get to travel the world.

So, thank you, technology, for making my abroad experience just a little bit easier.


I am a senior at UMD study abroad at the University of Amsterdam in Amsterdam, the Netherlands for the fall semester. I am originally from southern California but have been living on the east coast for the past seven years. I double major in International Business and Ops Management and Business Analytics.

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