The Hallyu Wave

When writing about South Korea, I have to mention the Hallyu culture because it is BIG! Everywhere I went, I saw celebrities posted on walls, televisions, in front of stores, on food packaging – everything and everywhere.




Getting into the concert hall was hectic. My friends and I were being shoved and pushed to the left and right by the fans around us. It was like a funnel effect. But once we got in, it was great! The atmosphere was energetic and very dynamic! I went to the Seoul Girls Collection Super Live 2017 and saw GOT7, T-ARA, Blanc7, Se7en, Seventeen, Day6 and RAIN!!!!! It was the best night because I got to see one of my favorite celebrities – RAIN – up close! Some people managed to touch the celebrities’ hands.



The SGC Super Live 2017 was a k-pop concert and a fashion show. I came mainly for the k-pop concert, but the fashion show was interesting. I got to see the latest fashion styles. It seems that metallic colors and pastel colors are popular this time of the year! I can say for sure that this will not be the last concert I attend! It is a must to experience a k-pop concert when in South Korea!



Hello everyone! My name is Lila and I am a sophomore Accounting and Finance double major at Smith. I am going to Seoul, South Korea through the Global Entrepreneurship Semester at Yonsei University where I will be studying and interning abroad. I always knew that I would travel abroad because I am passionate about diversity, culture and language. I will be in South Korea for 6 months, and I hope to share my experiences with all of you!

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