Exams are Done!

I had my last final exam on Tuesday. I’m very glad exams are over and now I have a small break before heading back to home to Maryland. Exams here felt a bit more stressful that exams back at UMD because there is so much more weight put on this single exam. Some classes had 100% of the weight for the class on just this one final exam, so I really needed to make sure I passed it.

This is quite different from UMD where exams are around 20-40% of the final grade. As the semester came to an end, I realized how different the learning and education system is between here in Manchester and UMD. I felt, personally, that UMD has a better learning system as it keeps students on track with homeworks and quizzes. It also allows for a little leeway with grades in case you don’t do as well on the final exam as expected. However, at the Uni of Manchester, I had to make sure I was keeping myself on track and understanding the material enough to pass the class through a single large comprehensive exam. Despite these differences, I overall enjoyed the semester and the subjects I took throughout the semester.

To celebrate the end of exams, I took a day trip down to London and went to the Warner Bros studio for the Harry Potter tour (I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd). Everything there was super cool and it was amazing to see how the films were made. If you’re a Harry Potter fan at all, I highly recommend going to the studio.  


Hi! My name is Erica Chun. I'm a sophomore finance and mathematics double major. I'm studying in Manchester, UK for Spring 2018 and I am beyond excited!

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