London to Denmark!

Hello everyone! This week marks the fourth week of my adventures in London, England. I still cannot get over the fact that I am living in London for 4 months, right in the heart of the city. Yes, Soho is loud but there is so much to do every second of the day. However, I am excited to announce that my roommates and I have ventured beyond the United Kingdom. Our very first trip outside of the U.K. was to Copenhagen, Denmark. I felt like I was living in a movie.

My favorite part of the entire trip was renting bikes from our hostel and touring the city. Riding our bikes through the city was fun as a tourist, but it helped us immerse in the city’s culture. The city adopted special lanes and stop-lights for bike users because there are so many individuals who ride daily.

My roommates and I were able to visit almost every aspect of the city via bicycle, from the Little Mermaid Statue to Freetown Christiania to the Christianborg Palace. Also, the danishes were better than I could have ever expected- crumbley, flakey, buttery, just simply delicious.

I have included some pictures from the trip below including a beautiful picture of the danishes (do not get too hungry).

Lauren Noble

My name is Lauren Noble, a junior Finance and Accounting double major in the Smith School of Business. Currently, I am studying abroad in the great city of London and enjoying every second. Come along with me on my journey!

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  1. Matt Brutzman says:

    Wow! This is excellent! Sounds like you are having a blast!! 🙂 The picture of the danishes made me very hungry LOL! Haha