Returning Home

On June 24th, my study abroad adventure officially came to an end. I returned home to Maryland with a short layover in Iceland. I can definitely say I will miss Manchester and England in general. I feel like I can call that place my second home.

There was so much I learned about myself and about living independently and many other things during my time abroad. I learned that I actually don’t mind living in the city at all. It’s pretty nice to be able to walk or take the bus everywhere, instead of being unable to reach a point of interest without a car like it is where I live here in Maryland. I also got used to the noise of cars, ambulances, and people after a few weeks there so it wasn’t something that bothered me. I feel like I also learned a good deal about the metric system and exchange rates. I made sure to change my phone to Celsius as well as the 24 hour clock to get used to the measurements used in Europe. While at the store, I was also converting prices all the time to see what the cost would be in dollars, since that’s what I’m used to in order to compare if it is expensive or reasonable or cheap.

There were many differences between England and the USA. I can’t come back and say that I like one more than the other. Both are equally great and I love living in both. I’m so grateful for my experiences and how much I learned from this opportunity. I hope to cherish these memories and lessons.


Hi! My name is Erica Chun. I'm a sophomore finance and mathematics double major. I'm studying in Manchester, UK for Spring 2018 and I am beyond excited!

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