Settling In to Manchester

Two weeks have already passed since I’ve been in Manchester. I feel like these past two weeks have gone by quite fast, but also slow at the same time. There is so much to do and see and learn about this city, but one by one I’m figuring them all out.┬áBefore I came, I had some doubts and worries that I wouldn’t like living in a city or that I would have some trouble in a new place across the ocean from home. But so far, while there are times I miss Maryland, I have found myself really enjoying this city.

Arriving at Manchester Airport, overlooking the city

Classes started on the 29th, so I’ve gone to each about twice. I think I will enjoy most of them even though the learning style will take some getting used to. Here, I’ve noticed that lectures are just that…lectures. Whereas at UMD we tend to have a lot of examples and teacher-student conversations during lectures. I find that the style in Manchester might promote more self guidance which will be a task I hope to conquer while here.

Overall, I’m really enjoying my classes and exploring my way through the city. I do hope that I will be able to visit other cities in England during the weekends or even on days I have no class as a day trip. I can’t wait to see what else England has in store for me!


Hi! My name is Erica Chun. I'm a sophomore finance and mathematics double major. I'm studying in Manchester, UK for Spring 2018 and I am beyond excited!

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