Weekend in Sydney


Last weekend a few friends and I took a short flight up to Sydney from Melbourne for four days. We decided to go cheap, booking inconvenient flights, rooming in crowded hostels and for the most part eating off the dollar menu at McDonald’s. But it was a spectacular few days visiting some of the most iconic sights in Australia. Our first few nights were spent in Central Sydney where we took a tour of the city and spent most of our time by the famous opera house. The harbor was just as stunning as the pictures depict it and more. The last couple days were spent at Bondi Beach, a beautiful cove along the Pacific. We took a coastal walk along some cliffs and captured some amazing shots. The trip was well worth every penny.


As I mentioned above we stayed in hostels, which are not as popular back home as it is in places like Europe. For those that aren’t aware, a hostel is essentially a cheap dorm-style living arrangement established for the convenience of backpackers. This was my first time staying in one and it was an entirely new experience for me as I am used to staying in motels and hotels when I’m traveling around the U.S. Many of the backpackers I met were from Europe who would jump from hostel to hostel working small part-time jobs. This allowed them to travel and see the world. This style of living was quite fascinating and these people were some of the most interesting I had ever met.


What was interesting about Sydney was the lack of nightlife in the city. We had trouble trying to find clubs to go to and many of them were very strict. Apparently a few years back the city instated “lock-out” laws that restricted people from entering clubs at a certain hour. It also prevented people from purchasing alcohol at a certain hour. This was quite an unusual change to experience and it showed at night. The city was vast but little to no one walked the streets making it seem like a ghost town.


All in all it was a fantastic trip that in total was approximately $250 USD, which was a steal considering the large amount of pictures and memories I made during it.

Taking in views of the Harbor


I am currently a Sophomore in the business school majoring in accounting. I will be studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia this upcoming Spring, something I have dreamed of since I was very young. I hope you all tune in and enjoy the ride.

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