Weekend trip to Italy

It has been almost a month since I started a new life in Manchester, England and I am back with this post to share my experience from another European country, specifically from my trip to Italy. Fortunately, I don’t have any classes on Fridays and it gives me great opportunities to take worthwhile weekend trips to many other places in and around England. This past weekend, I took a plane to go visit two of my friends from UMD who are studying abroad in Perugia and Rome. Perugia being a pretty small rural city, there weren’t many flights going straight to San Francesco D’Assisi Airport. I had to take a train from Manchester to London, then another train to Stansted airport. It took me around 5 hours just to get to the airport. Additionally, I had to make this trip to the airport after midnight since I wanted to fly on the cheapest flight. Throughout this lengthy train ride, I got to see the nature of England as well as some smaller towns compared to Manchester.

My favorite part of Perugia was its scenic view of the nearby towns and the nature around them from the mountaintop. It is a very quiet and peaceful town and everyone there was friendly toward tourists. However, I found it a bit too calm for a college student who only had a weekend to spend in Italy. So the next day, my friends and I took a train to Florence, one of the busiest cities in Italy. In Florence, I got to try many authentic delicious Italian food as well as the famous Italian ice cream, Gelato. Along with the great ancient buildings from Renaissance, the nightlife in Florence was exceptional. I can’t wait to make more weekend trips either in England or in Europe. Cheers!


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